IOS iPhone, iPod Multiplication App is published in App Store

After more than 17 days of wait, my multiplication app is finally published in app store.

Here is the link to it on App Store.

And here are some screen shots of it:

ITunes Connect: IOS App Missing IAPs

My app is rejected after 10 days of waiting for review and here is what I received from apple iTunes connect.

Missing IAPs

We are unable to complete the review of your app since one or more of your In App Purchases have not been submitted for review.

Please be sure to take action and submit your In App Purchases AND upload a new binary in iTunes Connect. Learn more about submitting In App Purchases for review in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Once you’ve submitted your In App Purchases and uploaded a new binary, we can proceed with your review.

The reason it got rejected is that I did not include In App Purchase Ids when I submitted my App. If you have In App Purchase functionality in your App,You need to make sure that you submit your In App Purchases along with your App. The “View Details” page of the App has a section to add the In App Purchases before you submit your App.

One way to make sure that your In App Purchase are submitted is to take a look at In App Purchases by clicking “Manage In App Purchases” and make sure your In App Purchase status is changed to “In Review”, like below:

In App Purchase ID Status

In App Purchase ID Status